Lifelong Roadtrip


Since I was 6 months old my life has been spent getting on and off of planes, trains and automobiles.  I would like to credit and thank my parents for gifting their love of traveling on to me. Whether its a weekend trip to a new city or a cruise down the coast, I am always going.  Why? Well why not?  Traveling grants you access to new experiences, different restaurants and cuisines, and of course, new places to photograph.  Basically I love traveling so much that I like to call myself a “professional tourist.” As a Fashion Buyer, I have been fortunate enough to be able to mix my love of traveling with my interests in the Fashion Industry.  {Although I like to think in my next life maybe I’d be a Destination Editor, seriously…how cool would that be?} With each City/State/Country I check off my list, I am looking forward to sharing my journey and hearing the awesome suggestions you have for my next adventure!

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