The Beach

Traveling through 11 states over the course of one week can totally take a toll on you, at state #9 pretty much the only thing running through my mind at that point was the sun, the sand and a drink in my hand. So where to next? The Beach.

Perfectly placed on the panhandle of Florida, square off the Gulf of Mexico sits the beautiful white sand beaches of Destin.  As soon as we arrived on the small island, I knew I was going to be in paradise for the next 7 days.  Look to the left or the right and there it is, miles of white sand and the clearest turquoise water you have ever seen.  I mean, this must be heaven.

beach 5beach 3 beach 7

Waking up daily to the bright sun, sound of the waves in the distance and the smell freshly brewed coffee started to make me wonder how I could become a permanent vacationer, and how I could make that happen now.  {But seriously, any suggestions on how to make this work are very welcomed.}

One of my favorite things about going on a beach getaway is that time seems to just slow down.  The pace of life changes. Oh, and the fact that calories just do not seem to matter.  No, really… they dont.  Greasy beach food, ice creams and cold drinks day in and day out.  If I ate like that for even a day back in the the Northeast I would pay for it in the gym for the next 7 days but here at the beach, bring it on!

beach 1 beach 6 beach 9

beach 8beach 4

I have been known to be super loyal to Ray-Bans when it comes to sunnies, but Forever21 has really stepped up their eye wear game lately.  I snagged these guys for a staggering $5.90 online.  I mean look how perfectly they coordinate with the ocean.

beach 10

beach 11

90% of my time at the beach was spent in a bathing suit, with the exception of this amazing romper I snagged from the Lilly Pulitzer x Target collab. If I could live in this, I would.  When I become a permanent vacationer, this will be my uniform.  I wish I could say there were more of this gem sitting on the shelves of a Super Target somewhere, but I would be lying.  Maybe we can start a petition for a Lilly + Target mash up part deux?

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