New York, New York.

New York City is one of my favorite places in the entire world.  Each time I visit, I can always find something new to see or do.  So after a quick stop in Atlanta for a day, I flew back to Baltimore – unpacked from my 3 week roadtrip then repacked, grabbed my bags and boarded a bus headed up to The Big Apple.

My sister lives in the city so that has always given me the perfect excuse to find a way back to New York.  This trip we decided to take it easy, typically I try to conquer the entire city over the course of one day.  This trip we also made a pact to complete some items off of our NYC checklist, some “firsts” for the both of us.  The first thing that has been on my list, and I am ashamed it has taken me this long to complete, was to have a picnic in Central Park.

We moved on down to 96th St to Whole Foods, of course.  Browsing the wonderful aisles of cheeses, meats and veggies we finally made our selection and started to head on down to the park – with the exception of one pit stop into the Whole Foods Wine Shop, and picked up the most adorable can of Pampelonne Rose.  Seriously, I fell in love with this wine.  Portable, tasty and its pink – who wouldn’t love it! I wore one of my favorite Tj Maxx finds, a Red by Valentino dress paired with a baseball cap to make the look a little more casual.

nyc 6 nyc 5 nyc 4

How cute is the bottle, I mean come on!
nyc 2

When in NYC I find it hard to resist my urge to not stop in to every cute restaurant and bar I pass.  One of my favorite little spots I discovered after walking nearly 12 miles {you could say it was like a mirage in the hot desert sun} was Gardenia.  Located in the West Village, this little bar/restaurant combo was everything I could have asked for and more.  I got a Lavender Margarita, which was made fresh in front of me.  All of the ingredients are naturally made and locally sourced, which I loved.  The staff was so friendly, they even let me taste test the Red Sangria they were crafting for the evening.  If you are in the area, I would highly recommend bringing some friends, and sampling the best Gardenia has to offer.

nyc 8 nyc 12nyc 9

Another thing I am ashamed to say I had never experienced up until last week was a New York City rooftop bar.  I have been to many a rooftop, but for some reason never in NYC and my sister was the same.  So we spent a good hour researching the best rooftop bar in NYC and finally settled on The Roof at the Viceroy Hotel.  The Roof, located on the 29th floor, showcases absolutely spectacular views of the park and the Upper East + West sides of Manhattan. The bar scene was pretty exciting itself, packed with Yuppies, it is clearly the spot to be after work hours.  If you are looking for a drink with a view, check out The Roof.

nyc 13 nyc 11 nyc 10

Post drinks, I needed something to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Thankfully just around the corner was the Momofuku Milk Bar.  Stacked shelves inside the shop give customers the options between cakes, pies and cookies, but what they are most known for is their Cereal Milk Ice Cream Cone.  Made from literally the leftover milk found in a bowl of cereal, this tasty treat is as unique as it sounds.  Topped and coated with Captain Crunch flakes, this ice cream cone made a beeline straight for my heart.

nyc 7 nyc

Side Note: as I am typing up this blog entry I am already finding other excuses as to why I need to go back to NYC, ASAP.

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