Summer, Meet Fall. Fall, this is Summer.

Fall is just around the corner, you can feel it.  From the cool breezes, yellowing leaves and the ever growing stacks of corn, fall is pushing its way on through to us.  So as the final days of summer slip through my fingers, I am attempting to maximize the use of every last sundress, skirt and straw hat in my closet – while simultaneously trying to switch my brain in to fall wardrobe mode.

Today I am mixing Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter into one outfit.  Living in a state that feels the effects of all 4 seasons, I love finding pieces that can transition between each.  In my very humble opinion, every good outfit should start with a button down shirt.  They are classic, transitional, easy to wear and just plain cute! Put them under sweaters, over top of bathing suits as a cover up, wear them as pajamas, whatever – the button down shirt is the everything piece in my closet.  I paired this blue pin-striped top from H&M { currently on sale ! } with a white pleated skirt from J.Crew { also on SUPER sale ! }.  Flowy skirts are so feminine, I just feel pretty whenever I am wearing one which is probably why my closet is full of them.  My shoes are from a summer collection a couple years back from Dolce Vita and are just near impossible to find.  It took me almost a year to track down these little babies in my size.  If you love the looks of them as much as I do, and feel like being a super-sleuth to track down a pair…they are the Elka Cutout style in Cognac, GOOD LUCK! 

Lets talk accessories….because lets face it, no outfit is complete without them. My hat is from Anthropologie { similar style I am currently obsessing over here.} My watch is none other than Michael Kors and the jewels are ALL from Rocksbox! Seriously loving how delicate all of these pieces are and how they all compliment each other.  The Gold Pave feather necklace is my favorite part of the entire outfit.  Rocksbox is the best, I get to rent these pretty little things, show them off and send them back for more new, shinier, PRETTIER little things.  I can’t wait to see what my next box contains and share with you guys. Remember, if you are interested in Rocksbox, now is the time to try it out!  Get the first month free on me – just use the code blondeonearthxoxo when you sign up!

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IMG_1479Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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