10 Things : Forever 21

Not every shopping spree has to break the bank, and that is why I love Forever 21.  When you walk in to the generally overwhelming store, you can almost guarantee that you are not going to walk out buying with at least one thing – but hey who needs to feel bad when you take a look at those price tags.  Arguably the leader of fast fashion in today’s industry, Forever 21 has such a high turnover rate of styles – but hey this is a plus for us, we can capture the trend of the moment without spending the big bucks from our wallets. Forever 21 is also a great place to pick up the not-needed, but very necessary accessories we add to all of our outfits…i.e hats, sunnies, belts, bags, jewelry and so much more.  Here are the Top 10 Things that are in my cart for this fall from Forever 21.

f 21

  1. A Faux Leather Watch – “Who cares, I’m late anyways” could be the line of my life? Couldn’t find a more fitting watch that I will probably never use to tell time but will absolutely use to accessorize all of my outfits with.
  2. Hats – hats on hats on hats for the fall, yes please – F21 is my go to shop for hats, I find they tend to have the largest selection. This wool fedora is not only super adorable, but it is super on sale!
  3. Leather Booties – F21 may not always have the biggest offering in store, but their shoe selection online is great – just like these leather lace-up booties.  Side note : usually it takes a couple nights out to break in a pair of shoes from Forever21, so have some band-aids ready – but once your past the hate stage, I promise you that their shoes will become all love.
  4. This Skirt – Needing this fringe skirt in both colors.  When I came across this, my eyes lit up.  I totally want to take advantage of the fringe trend but I also totally do not have $175 to spend on that BCBG MaxAzria version.  Who cares if fringe is only in for the moment, at $19.90 you can totally buy both without even batting an eye.
  5. Rings – where else can you get 20+ stackable rings for less than $6.00? No really, if you can tell me a place I will love you forever.  I am terrible with jewelry, I throw it in my bags, around my room, truly anywhere – so I am a big fan of affordable jewelry that wont break my heart if I accidentally misplace it.
  6. Graphics – the easiest way to make a statement with your clothing, literally.  This sweatshirt couldn’t be any truer, on my bolder personality days I love pairing graphic pullovers with an oxford underneath and heels to make a complete look.
  7. A Great Bag – one of the easiest ways to amp-up an outfit.  I love this messenger bag because its versatile, I can throw my iPad in it for work or I can wear it to brunch on the weekend with a pair of loafers and some skinny jeans.
  8. Fun Make-up Pouches – I like to have a different make-up pouch for each bag I use – it just makes it easier for me to stay organized.  If only I truly “had it all” like this adorable metallic pouch states.
  9. Ripped Jeans – is it just me or does anyone else have a difficult time rationalizing spending $100+ on a pair of ripped denim? If so, stick to F21 distressed threads like I do, because honestly, whats the point of spending all that money on a pair of pants that is really on half there.
  10. Sunnies – similar to make-up pouches, I try to keep a pair of sunglasses in every bag I have in case I forget a pair – you never know when you may need them.  Like I’ve stated before, I am super loyal to Ray-Bans but I love having a few extra pairs of F21 Brand sunnies on hand for gloomy days when the sun suddenly decides to peak out its bright face.

Whats in your Forever 21 shopping cart right now ? 

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