10 things : essential oils 

I recently paired up with the awesome team at Weleda USA to try out some of their amazing natural skin care products.  Out of the sample filled package they sent my way, I pulled out this kit of their popular travel sized Body Oils.  I have always heard of all the wonderful benefits to using essential oils, but had never experienced them myself so I was super excited to test these guys out.  After a couple uses, I finally understood what all the hype was about.

There are so many ways to use essential oils, but after a week of testing them out – here are my Top 10 uses/benefits to using an essential oil.

1. Muscle Tension Relief – this week I had my first ever personal trainer and lets just say I walked with a limp for 5+ days after.  My muscles and I are forever grateful for Weleda and their Arnica Massage oil.  If you have any muscle tension or pain, just take a dime sized drop of the oil and massage it in a counter-clockwise motion wherever the tension is and let that muscle rest for a bit.  I did this before bed, and I swear when I work up I felt like a brand new lady.

2. Sleep Aid/Relaxer – I find it hard to turn my brain off at the end of the day, I am constantly creating a to-do list in my head and that doesnt not stop when I go to bed.  I decided to use a little of Weleda’s Lavender oil before bed to see if this could calm my thoughts a bit and was pleased with the relaxing state I felt shortly after I put it on.  I dabbed a little behind my ears and on my neck, after a few minutes I felt myself total calm down – plus it smelled amazing

3. Laundry Scent Booster – I read on Pinterest that you can add essential oils to your wash to enhance the smell – so I had to try this out.  I added a few drops of the Rose Oil to my wash, I have never recieved so many compliements about how great my clothes smelled the next day.

4. Cellulite Reducer – you had me at hello. Unfortunately I haven’t seen results YET – but I am remaining hopeful.  Do the same as Number 1 on the list, except rub on your cellulite trouble areas instead.

5. Tea – just add a drop or two to a glass of hot water and you have a new tea! I added the Pomegranate to my tea, amazing.

6. Mental Health Boost – yes, this little bottle really does help boost your mood. I put a little of the Sea Buckhorn Oil on my wrist and took a few sniffs from the bottle – instantly felt a boost in my mood.

7. Air Refresher – Mix a little in a spray bottle with some water, spritz on your sheets, your curtains, carpet or whatever for a fresh clean scent that lasts a lot longer than the store bought kind.

8. Hot Bath – add to a hot bath with some bath salts for a spa quality relaxation session.  I suggest a Lavender or Rose oil – luckily Weleda has both!  You can check them out here.

9. Cold Relief – for this I would totally suggest a mint based oil like Peppermint.  Put a little on a washcloth and breath in the scent, totally helps clear up your sinuses and provide you natural relief over an OTC Nose Spray.

10. Massage Oil – mix a little with some of your favorite lotion and rub it on in – your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever will love this almost as much as you will.

Seriously if I haven’t convinved you to jump on the Essential Oils bandwagon – maybe the team at Weleda can.  Check them out + more at Weleda . com

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