Brand Spotlight : Aura Cacia 

My newest product line obsession comes from the natural aromatherapy brand, Aura Cacia.  With a hectic work/life balance, I am always looking for new ways to help myself relax – so I am super thankful to the Stress-Relief Gods for connecting me with Aura Cacia.  Aura Cacia makes aromatherapy accessible to the everyday person through innovative ready-to-use products that incorporate essential oils and natural products into your lifestyle. Which is great because I think we all could use a little more of aromatherapy in our lives.

When the team sent over a sample of their Roll On Chakra balance-r I was super excited to test it out.  I at one point considered myself an avid Yogi, so I am aware of the importance of having a balanced Chakra and its effect on your day to day life.  Who knew that hours spent in a yoga studio trying to “center” myself could be replaced by one .31 ounce bottle of magic. To use the Roll On Chakra, you should roll the oil on your pulse spots…i.e your palms, neck, etc and breath in the scent, taking deep, calming breaths as you do.  The scent is meant to calm you while the deep breaths help center your mind.  I promise, it ACTUALLY works.  I took this on the train to NYC the other day, and as soon as it started getting crowded I rolled on a dab and took a deep breath.  I may have looked a bit crazy, but hey I felt calmer.

Another awesome little item I got to test out was the brands Natural Cocoa Butter.  If you have never used a Cocoa Butter before it is an amazing solution to dry, cracked skin.  I love that it needs to be warmed up to be most effective, especially now with the weather turning colder.  Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds till its heated to your liking and apply to any issue area you may have, instant softness – plus it smells like heavenly chocolate!  Honestly if there is one thing in your beauty cabinet you don’t have, but seriously need this winter – its a Cocoa Butter.

You can find Aura Cacia at your local Whole Foods Market or online, here! 

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