So I have been jumping around between foundations lately.  With the weather being so indecisive – one day my skin is dry then the next day I feel like my face could melt off – quite frankly its getting hard to keep up with this weather pattern and my skin is not happy about that.  Typically in the past I have always used a liquid foundation, so when the team at Jane Iredale sent over their Starter Kit  { which is a powder based formula } –  I was excited to try something new and see how it worked with my complexion.

Prior to using, I had to educate myself to a level of comfort with a powder foundation – I really am that new with using them! After doing a little research and reading the guides the helpful team at Jane Iredale sent me, I came to learn that there are several benefits to using a powder foundation vs. a liquid foundation.  Powders can work well with nearly every skin type : normal, oily, combination, sensitive and acne prone skin.  All Jane Iredale powders have oiI-absorbing nutrients in them, so after just one use I found using the powder helped lessen the shine on my face throughout the day.  Jane Iredale is great because they use pure minerals in all of their product line, which in return means minimal touch ups throughout the day and a soft, luminescent finish on your skin after every use.

If you are new to powder foundations like I was, I definitely suggest checking out the Starter Kit.  The kit includes their top proven items that will really help you familiarize your skin with using a powder. In the kit you will find :

– Smooth Affair facial primer and brightener – which is a great primer that helps to moisturize and prep your skin for makeup and helps hold the makeup in place after applying.
– PurePressed base powder with SPF – a great item to use in your EVERYDAY routing.  I admit I do not use enough products with SPF in them as I should.  Just swapping your everyday moisturizer with one featuring SPF can save your skin years of damage.  The PurePressed is a triple whammy powder because it has the benefits of a sunscreen, foundation and concealer all in one.
– Amazing Base loose mineral powder – a creamy, luminous base powder that leaves your skin looking light and natural. –
– Pommisst hydration spray – the last step to a bright, natural face.  This mist is a natural, organic formula that helps hydrates and protect your skin while setting the powder in for long lasting wear.

After only a week of use, I received countless compliments on how fresh-faced I look.  Even on my sleepiest of days, my under eye circles and tired skin stood no chance against the skin-saviors at Jane Iredale. Can’t wait to see the progression as I convert into a powder fan.


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