Weekend drinks featuring Cocktail Crate

Happy Friday all, good news is we have made it to another weekend!  What better way to celebrate then with some drinks!  I recently teamed up with Cocktail Crate to test out some of their delicious drink mixes.  Cocktail Crate is a really cool company with an even cooler beginning – started in 2012 by 24 year old CEO Alex Abbott Boyd.  One year out of college and inspired by the craft beer craze, mixed with an interest in Teas and Herbs – Cocktail Crate was born.  Each mix is created with quality, unique ingredients that can be paired with every type of liquor you desire to enhance each and every cocktail you mix up.

The Cocktail Crate team sent me over three of their most popular mixes to test out and enjoy – lucky me, right? The hard choice was figuring out which of the three I wanted to test out first : Maple Whiskey Sour, Lavender Bloom or Grapefruit Daiquiri.

For this weekend I wanted to test out a super easy recipe that used the Maple Whiskey Sour Mix

I wanted to do a take on an Old Fashion/Whiskey Sour combination using my favorite Bacon Vodka from Heritage Distilling Co.

For this cocktail you will need :

Vodka/Whiskey of your choice

Cocktail Crate’s Maple Whiskey Sour Mix 

1 Orange

2 pieces of Cooked Bacon

Maple Syrup

Add 1 – 2 shots of the liquor of your choice ( depending on how strong you would like this to be )

1/3 cup of Cocktail Crate’s Maple Whiskey Sour Mix

1 TSP of Orange Peel Grind

1 TSP of Maple Syrup for an extra kick

Mix it all together and garnish with 2 pieces of Cooked Bacon ( I like Applewood Smoked ) for garnish, and a tasty snack after drinking

This drink is perfect for Brunch or paired with a nice Meaty dinner !

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Stay tuned for next week when I work up a tasty mixed drink using the Lavender Bloom mix!  Cheers everyone!

P.S – Don’t forget to check out all of my adventures on Instagram … @blondeonearth

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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