Philly Eats

This weekend I needed a break from the craziness and some time to prep for the extreme craziness that is about to hit us with the holiday season coming, so I decided to keep the adventuring in my current city of Philadelphia.  Philadelphia is well known as being the place to go for good food.  With a great happy hour and drink scene, you are in an eating paradise when you come to Philly.  I love trying the various restaurants the city has to offer, spending way too many hours on Yelp or Thrillist searching for the best, new place to eat.  Here are my top 3 places you need to try next time you are in The City of Brotherly Love { and FOOD ! }

  1. R2L : Located on the 37th floor of a downtown Center City building, R2L offers its diners a panoramic view of Philadelphia that spans so far you can see parts of Delaware and New Jersey.  Sit at the bar from 4:30 – 6:30 to enjoy reduced priced appetizers and drinks.  We planned our trip to R2L around the sunset – it was beautiful.  Definitely a must see when in Philadelphia : great drinks, good food and amazing views.
  2. Bank & Bourbon : Found in the Loews Hotel on 12th and Market { perfect spot for shopping and sight-seeing! } – Bank and Bourbon has rustic charm, mixed with a modern vibe.  The decorator of the restaurant is a Pottery Barn girls dream, I wanted to hide everything down to the coffee cups in my bag and take it home with me.  A great place to grab a drink, brunch with some friends, or have a nice meal before you head out to explore – I would highly recommend Bank and Bourbon.  For Brunch definitely try out their infamous Eggs Benedict, easily the best I have EVER had.  And for Dinner, one of their premium cuts of meat and a glass of Bourbon, of course.

    3. One Shot Cafe – This is the kind of coffee shop you see in TV shows that you always wished you could frequent, well good news – now you can! The cafe is adorned with antiques, family heirlooms and the most adorable terrariums.  With an ever-rotating menu, there is always something to please at One Shot.  One of the only places in Philadelphia serving Stumptown Coffee – One Shot is known for its crazy caffeinated concoctions.   I suggest one of their specialty Lattes and whatever Breakfast Sandwich they are serving.  You will not be disappointed.

Don’t forget to check out all of my adventures on Instagram @blondeonearth – hope to see you there!     


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