The holiday season means holiday drinking.  More parties, get together’s and events to attend that you cannot show up empty handed to.  You don’t have to break the bank to bring a nice bottle of Vino though.  I have spent a lot of time taste testing and learning and of course, enjoying, to help bring you the Top 10 Wines under $10.

BV Coastal Estates : this Cabernet Sauvignon comes in at a cool $9 price point and has a silky smooth cedar oak flavor.

Belle Ambiance –  this $10 Chardonnay comes in the cutest bottle – seriously the label alone on this wine sold me.  A great wine with hints of lemon and citrus, making it perfect to pair with chicken or a nice cheese tray.

Straccali – a full flavored Chianti, this wine truly can be paired with any type of food and is a steal coming in at just under the 10 dollar mark at $9.99

Oak Knoll – despite the name, this Un-Oaked Chardonnay mixes hints of basil, pineapple and passionfruit to make this a light, airy wine for only $8.99. 

Dark Horse Big Red Blend – combining Malbec, Syrah,Tempranillo and Merlot – this wine pulls together all the strong flavors of your favorite reds with a hint of caramel and oak.  For pulling together 4 different wines, this bottle comes in just under $8.

Clean Slate – the $10 Riesling is perfect to pair with the fruity pies and desserts we all love to eat during the holiday season.

Gazela Vinho Verde – the most affordable wine on this list coming in at $6.99, this white has a nice crisp apple taste and is quite refreshing.

Newman’s Own – yes, this Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the same family that brings you those tasty salad dressings.  At $10 this red definitely dominates your palate with a rich cherry flavor. Go ahead and pair with one of Newman’s Italian Salad Dressings for a perfect combo.

Cupcake – $8 for their Prosseco is a great steal.  At this point, most people know the Cupcake line of wines so this is an easy crowd pleaser for any celebration.

Apothic Red – my favorite wine on this list comes in just under $10.  Mixes Zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot and is perfect with any food from Pizza to Pasta.


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