Stocking Stuffers

Thanksgiving is officially over, its December 1st and we have 25 days till Christmas.  A little over 3 weeks, that is all !  Its definitely the time to start getting those last minute gifts for all of the amazing people in your life ! This week I am bringing you 5 new Stocking Stuffer ideas to help aid in your search for the perfect present.

  1. Hold My Hand Gift Set – This 4 pack moisturizing gift set  from 100% Pure is a great prepackaged gift for any lady in your life.  Complete with 4 scented deep moisturizing creams in wonderful scents of Coconut, Honey Almond, French Lavender and Vanilla Bean – this gift set is sure to please.  Plus its so pretty to look at! 
  2. My Magic Mud Teeth Whitener – I am obsessed with this Teeth Whitening Clay from Magic Mud.  I have super sensitive teeth, so I have never really loved using White Strips and other whitening solutions but Magic Mud is amazing.  It is perfect for sensitive teeth, and it really truly works.  Plus it is fun to use, especially when the mud turns your whole mouth black when you are brushing.  
  3. La Fresh Cleansing Cloths – La Fresh is an eco friendly company that offers a cleansing type in nearly every format or use.  Need nail polish to go?  There is a cloth for that.  Need sunscreen but don’t feel like carrying around the whole large tube – there is a cloth for that too! Perfect for travel and portable use, I am loving La Fresh right and I know you will too.
  4. The Wizard – This Primping Spray from Amika is AMAZING.  From the smell, the packaging, to the end result I cannot say enough about this product.  I love all things Amika and this one is at the top of the list.  Use this before any hot tool use and your hair will thank you forever.  The Wizard should really be renamed as The Lifesaver.
  5. We Love Eyes – I am currently so obsessed with the Make Up Remover  and Cleanser   from We Love Eyes.  First off, how cute is the packaging?  Both items use Tea Tree, so they smell amazing and leave your eyes feeling clean and refreshed.  Both are small and portable, perfect for traveling and everyday use.

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