SkinnyMint Tea-Tox 

So I recently completed a 28 day Tea Tox through SkinnyMint.  Yes – you may think I am crazy doing a tea detox during the most fattening time of the year, but just hear me out.  I work out religiously, I have tried it all : pilates, barre, yoga, juice cleanses, eating clean.  You name it, I have done it.  Sure, I would usually tone up or lose a pound at most, but other than that nothing really seemed to work.  When I paired up with the team at SkinnyMint I was nervous this would be just another diet test for me where I would ultimately be disappointed, boy was I wrong.

I loved the Tea Tox from the second I got it.  The adorable packaging, the easy to understand instructions, the notes of encouragement – SkinnyMint does it right.  The Skinny Mint Teatox is an easy 2 step diet that anyone can use.  A Morning Boost tea in the AM, and a Night Cleanse before bed.  That is it.  All it takes is swapping our your morning coffee with a hot tea, and a nice warm drink before bed.

I have tried some detox teas before, and they all taste…well like a detox tea.  Not SkinnyMint.  The Morning Boost had a great fruity blend that was perfect to wake up too, whereas the Night Cleanse was more of a earthy, relaxed tea – perfect before bed.

Other than adding the tea into my everyday diet, I didn’t really change much else.  I tried to eat healthier, but still indulged in some cheat meals including several Thanksgiving meals + leftovers.  I still worked out my regular 4-5 time a week.

After week 1 I noticed my overall body felt less bloated.  My stomach was looking flatter, even my face was a little less puffy.  After week 2, my muscles became a little more defined. Week 3, my pants felt looser.  By then end of the cleanse, I lost a total of 3 pounds – but the difference I felt in my body and saw meant way more than that.

My skin felt more vibrant, more elastic.  My muscles were more defined, even baby abs started to peak through.  I was super excited about the results and it was the perfect boost to keep working hard to fight off the holiday flab we all tend to gain.

If you have never done a teatox, and are wary about new diets – I advise you to check this one out.  Non committal and it really works.  Head over to SkinnyMint to grab your own, today!  Happy teatoxing!


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