Holiday Must-Sees 

If you are looking to pack as many Holiday activities in the next 9 days that you can, here are two more must see places to add on to your list.

  1. Terrain at Styers – located 20 miles outside of Philadelphia, Terrain is a branch of the Urban Outfitters family tree and an absolute must see  at any time of the year – although it is particularly special at Christmas.  A boutique nursery, cafe/restaurant and shop all in one, Terrain is a great way to get lost in a day.  Make sure you grab one of their seasonal Lattes like Maple Vanilla or Gingerbread Mint. 
  2. Longwood Gardens – Fortunately you can make Terrain and Longwood a one day trip.  10 minutes past Terrain, Longwood Gardens has long been a Holiday destination for families all over.  The expansive grounds are decorated head to toe with lights and decorations.  Grab a hot chocolate or a local beer from one of the heated tents and walk the path ways.  Don’t forget your camera on this one, you will kick yourself if you do.


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