Stocking Stuffers 

ONE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS.  Just typing that feels crazy.  Can you believe its almost here?  If you have not started your shopping, you may want to seriously consider starting.  The lines at the mall are outrageous, so you are not alone when it comes to last minute gift shopping.  Here are some final ideas to help stream-line your process.

  1. Aura Cacia Body Soaks – I have raved about brand Aura Cacia before and how amazing their natural, organic body product line is – well it just is further proven with their Body Soaks.  Each one is designated to target a different way to relax and cleanse.  At $14.99 this is a no-brainer and can be found at any local Whole Foods.
  2. Aura Cacia Chakra Balancing – Yes, I love Aura Cacia so much I am double exposing their products.  The Chakra Balancing Roll On Aromatherapy bottles are nothing short of wonderful.  The 7 Chakra’s can either be purchased as a collection or as an individual bottle based on need/desire.  Each roll-on targets a different way to center and relax you, I love using before big meetings or first dates to calm myself a bit.  Perfect gift for anyone who could be a little stressed in your like….aka everyone at this time of year.
  3. Devita Mud Masque – I was recently introduced to the all natural brand, Devita and I am addicted to their Mud Masque‘s.  I personally use the Cocoa and the Italian Tomato Leaf weekly as a part of my beauty routine.  Great for all skin types and can also be used on legs/back for improved visibility.  The Cocoa Cappuccino smells so amazing, I usually have to make a cup of coffee right after using it – I would take this as a gift any day…. hint,hint.   
  4. Harvey Prince Hello – The roll on fragrance from scent experts, Harvey Prince, has quickly become my go-to item.  Roll-on perfumes like Hello make amazing gifts, they are so portable and convenient.  They couldn’t make life any easier for a person who is always on the go.  Hello is a soft, inviting scent that can be worn year round and my favorite part is that all Harvey Prince products are eco-friendly.   Oh, and did I mention that you can get this roller fragrance FREE using the code HELLOHOLIDAYS. { just pay shipping and handling } So hurry and head over to get yours today, and maybe add a few more of their amazing scents in while you are at it.
  5. Succulents – I cannot get enough of these cute little plants.  Usually under $10 – this is such a unique and thoughtful gift.  You can find succulents at nearly any Home and Garden center, I buy mine from Terrain.  Find a pretty pot, and you have a perfect gift for any co-worker or party that is different from the atypical bottle of wine. 

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