The Perfect Donut

As most of you may already know, I am totally obsessed with donuts.  The way they taste, how colorful they are, the shape – everything about them.  That being said, I am constantly on the quest for the perfect donut.  My weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland has led me to the closest thing to perfect I have found yet.

The Fractured Prune has been a staple breakfast spot in Maryland since 1976 and has recently started branching out to a city near you!  Featured in TV shows like Unwrapped and magazines like Southern Living, listed as the best donut – this was something I had to try.

All donuts are made fresh to order in front of your eyes, and boy does that make a difference.  With thousand of different flavor combinations to create, you may get a little overwhelmed – thankfully the Fractured Prune has some staple crowd favorites listed for you as well.  I went with their classic Blueberry Hill and a Birthday Cake Sprinkle – but we of course had to taste test an entire dozen of donuts.  Every single one was incredible.

Check out the Fractured Prune website and see if there is a location  near you.  It is totally worth the adventure.

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