Brand Spotlight : Black Cedar Organics

So it is no surprise by now that I am totally obsessed with all natural, organic skincare.  Since I made the switch to only using Organic/All natural products, my skin has never looked or felt better.  If you have ever considering making the move to go all organic, I HIGHLY recommend it.

I recently partnered up with Black Cedar Organics to test out some of their favorite products, which have quickly become some of my favorite products currently found in my beauty cabinet.  Every single product in the Black Cedar Organics line is carefully crafted as nature intended skin care should be, and it shows.  From the herb-y earth-y scents to the natural, light feel of each product – you really feel like you are giving your skin something straight from the earth.

With a wide variety of products to select from, plus an incredible owner, Stephanie, who is willing and ready to create something based on your skin type and personal preferences, here are my favorites from the BCO line.

  1. The Facial Toner – I use this twice daily after washing my face.  I went with the Fleur toner which has an awesome mix of citrus and floral scents to it.  In the past, some toners I have used can feel a bit harsh and drying on your skin – but not this one.  It not only feels refreshing to use, but has essentials oils in it which help make my skin feel nourished.

2. The Herbal Clay Mask – Before we get into it, can we talk about how amazing BCO’s packaging and labeling is?!  Obsessed.  The Herbal Clay Mask is the perfect weekly mask to introduce into your routine.  I opted for the VERT RÉPARATEUR or the healing green version – which is perfect for all skin types, but specifically targets the main skin issues like sensitivity, aging and inflamed/irritated skin.  I love that it is a clay powder mask, because a little bit can go a long way.  Mix the clay with water and apply to your face with the amazing, soft bristle brush included with the mask.  A personal tip I do every time before using, boil some water and let the steam open your pores a bit before applying.  I promise once you rinse the mask off, your skin will appear about a thousand times more luminous than before. { plus at only $15. this mask is a STEAL }

3. The Facial Serum – after you finish with steps 1 and 2 above, complete with Black Cedar Organics oil-rich, creamy facial serum.  I like to use this at night since it is so rich, when you wake up in the AM your skin looks refreshed and renewed, plus its softer than ever.  When using the serum, a little bit goes a long way so definitely do not over use! No matter which blend you chose from, all serums are targeted to help heal your skin and that is precisely what happened after I used it.    

Check out Black Cedar Organics full product line on her Etsy Shop or check her out on Instagram, @black_cedar_organics / Facebook.  Also, use the  code BCOLOVE • for 15% off with $40 purchase min! Xo.

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