Treat Yourself

When it comes to jewelry, I am of the less is more mantra.  I love simple, delicate, timeless pieces so when I was introduced to True Facet – it was a jewelry match made in heaven.  TrueFacet was developed by a team of certified appraisers and innovative business gurus with the marvelous idea that everyone deserves to wear true, genuine jewelry and I couldn’t agree more.

The site offers a huge assortment of “pre-loved” designer jewelry with brands like David Yurman, Rolex, Hermes, Cartier and Tiffany’s.  The best part of TrueFacet, you can SERIOUSLY save on some of these brands most iconic pieces.  For my birthday/holidays I was sent the Sterling Silver Tiffanys Hook Bangle that I have been lusting over for years.  When I received it in the mail, you would have thought it was sent straight from Tiffany’s itself.  Beautiful packaging and in pristine condition, there was no sign of any prior wear – and the price was cut in half.

Go check out TrueFacet online, and on their Instagram @truefacet – or just pass this post right along to your significant other…. Valentines Day is only a few weeks away!

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