Skin Superfood 

Is it just me or has it seemed like winter has really shown her unattractive side these past couple of weeks.  With the weather taking a turn for the bitter, my skin has become increasingly more dry.  Winter is my least favorite season for many reasons, I don’t like snow, I can’t take any temperature drop below 50 degrees and my skin is not my best friend during these long 4 months.  Thankfully there are companies like Youth To The People who are here to protect and nourish your winter-whipped skin.

I recently teamed up with the inspiring team at YTTP to test out some of their favorite products.  YTTP was created around the idea of a skincare line that 100% Vegan, Natural and the packaging is 100% recyclable.  All products are free of all soaps, sulfates, synthetic fragrance or added color so its a perfect match for those with sensitive skin types.  Using super foods and items rich with nutrients, Youth To The People has created the ultimate skin saving regiment.  I was lucky enough to test out one of their Skincare Sets which basically lays out the road-map to beautiful skin.

The Set includes :

Kale and Green Tea Spinach Cleanser –  The cleanser attacks daily dirt and toxins through its antioxidant rich formula, while brightening and smoothing out skin tone.  Gentle enough to use everyday and is great for every skin type.

Age Prevention Firm and Brighten Serum – follow up the cleanser with this amazing Vitamin C enriched serum.  The serum works to remove premature wrinkles and stress caused fine lines while locking in moisture to ultimately brighten skins appearance.

Age Prevention Moisturizing Cream – the final piece of the 3 step process.  The natural moisturizing cream combines several super foods to restore and rejuvenate your skin.  Best part is you can use this as a day and night cream – dual function!

After two weeks of using the 3 Part Set, my skin was 100% brighter, softer and smoother – not to mention infinitely less dry.  Head over to Youth To The People to learn how you can get your own set today, and make sure to check them out on Instagram : @youthtothepeople.



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