Beauty Round-Up

As most of you likely already know, I am utterly obsessed with anything beauty related. I am constantly hunting for new, amazing products to test out. So I’ve decided to create a weekly forum of all my favorites to share with you, and I’m hoping you guys will have some in return to share with me.

This week I’m doing a double whammy with two of my latest obsessions. The first comes from  one of my favorite make up brands, Pür,  and it combines two of the most amazing products I have ever been fortunate enough to use. The first being the Air-Perfection CC Foundation – which was created for fast, flawless blending in order to create a high-quality sheer finish for all skin types.  The incredibly light, mousse-y texture of the CC Foundation never weighs down your skin and provides moisture, while protecting against the pesky oils and dryness we all come across.  The second is the HydraFluid Water Serum Foundation – which utilizes Swiss Alps-sourced water to deliver a silky, medium coverage while giving you that breathe-able, fresh-faced look we all crave.  I personally use the HydraFluid Serum first, then apply the CC Foundation over top.  At the end of each day, I continuously find myself amazed at the coverage both of these products provide.

Next up is my new nightly staple from Sunday Riley. The Sleeping Night Oil is quite possibly one of the greatest things I’ve ever used. Put a drop or two of the creamy, rich oil on your skin each night and wake up with a dewey, glowy complexion. Combine it with a pump of the Breatheable Tinted Primer and you are on the path to beautiful skin day in and day out.

I have been using all of the 4 mentioned products for the past month now and I could not be more pleased with how my skin has reacted and improved with continual use.  What skin-care products have you guys been loving during these crazy-cold winter months? 

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