Accessories are a Girls Best Friend

 Could any statement be more true ? Well, yes likely, but I think this one is up there. I am a firm believer that accessories can make or break any outfit. Accessories are so interchangeable, they can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. Accessories or for anyone and everyone ! 

The quickest way to glam up any outfit is to throw on a great pair of shades. I am a sunglasses junkie. I live in them. I am also very, very loyal to Ray-Bans. When Shop Ditto mentioned the idea of collaborating together , I was thrilled. The idea and concept behind Ditto is brilliant – for just $24 a month you can borrow and swap out as many pairs of designer shades that your heart desires. From pairs ranging from Prada, Illesteva and The Row, Ditto has it all. Best part of it all, if you use the code BLONDEONEARTH at checkout – you get your first month free on me!!! So go ahead test it out, and let me know what pairs you are loving ! 


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