Hair Envy

When you find a great hairdresser and great hair products, NEVER let them go. I am so thankful to have found that in Zotos Professional and my amazing hair stylist/life coach, Mike. 

This past weekend I got a “hair-lift.”  This was everything I needed and more – for my hair, my style and my mental state. I have been wanting to go white blonde for a while now, so thank goodness for Magic Mike and his incredible skills.  A day in the Livian Salon with Mike is all a girl needs in life.  I always follow up every salon visit with the use of Mike’s and now, my favorite products. I am currently obsessing over a few things that you guys need to test out. 

The first comes from Zotos and its everything for hair that needs a quick volume pick me up. The Volumizing Powder Shake smells amazing and helps give me that little extra lift my hair needs from time to time. Another amazing product I have been using, many thanks to Mike, is from Kerastase. This Reconstructive Shampoo is perfect for dry-damaged and color treated hair. If you have yet to try these hair life savers out, I seriously suggest you do!

And if you are ever in the NYC ever and need an AMAZING hair transformation – stop by and see Mike at the Livian Salon


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