Beauty Round-Up

So by now, I think its safe to say I have tried a fair amount of beauty products by the average persons standards – so for something to really blow my mind, you know it must be some level of greatness.  { at least this is what I am telling myself }  This weeks Beauty Round-Up includes an incredible brand that comes all the way from Iceland that I have recently had the privilege of testing out.

Skyn Iceland differs from other skincare brands because unlike most, Skyn Iceland focuses on the damage caused by stress around your eye areas, where aging signs show up first.  Most companies target the skin as a total or just your trouble areas – so this is really a great brand to introduce into your beauty routine not only to help as a preventative against aging, but to  help refresh your face as a whole.  I mean lets face it, the eyes are the most important part of our faces! I was lucky to be able to test 3 of the brands favorite products and I am totally hooked.

The Nordic Skin Peel has quickly become my favorite post cleansing product.  After washing my face at night with the Glacial Face Wash, I use on peel before bed.  Targeted to go deeper into the skin than just washing alone, the peel helps pull out all dirt and extremities while leaving skin glowing and soft.  If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest using this 1-2 times a week – it is that effective!  Another fun product Skyn Iceland sent my way was their popular Hydro Cool Eye Pads.  These Pads are so loved, they even were listed as a Bazaar Magazine Beauty Top 100 item.  Meant to reduce and de-stress eyes, I love using the pads before I go out or in the mornings when I wake up.  They leave your eyes looking refreshed and awake!

If you haven’t already, head over to Skyn Iceland and check out what great stuff you can grab to help your skin be as healthy as possible.


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