Coffee Drinks You Can Feel Good About

If you are like me, then you are a coffee addict.  My day doesn’t officially start until I have had my first cup, which is followed by at least 4 more.  I have always had a love for coffee.  The smell of the beans when they are roasting, the interior decor of small local coffee shops, the taste – just everything about it.  Unfortunately all those fancy, frothy lattes we are drinking and love to photograph are not always the best for us.  Here are a couple “better for you” options next time you want to splurge for a little more than your basic Cup o’Joe.

  1. Cafe Au Lait – My personal go – to. Just a regular coffee that you add warm, steamed milk to it { I like a shot of espresso in mine }  Most places will still do the pretty latte art, but you are cutting back on half the calories
  2. Cappuccino – espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk- that’s it! The name sounds a lot more complicate than the drink really is.
  3. Cortado – Espresso + steamed milk = love and low cals.

Now excuse me while I go pour myself another cup!

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