Hosting a party can be the greatest high for some, and an overwhelmingly stressful feat for others.  If you are like me, then you are obsessed with becoming the “hostess with the most-est.”  I love everything about throwing a party from the food, to the decorations, the table setting and of course, the drinks.  Hosting a great party does not need to be a daunting task for those who may not be as enthused about it as I might be.  If you are looking to throw an event in the future, keep in mind that there are really only 5 simple things needed to host a memorable party.

  1. Alcohol – Because no great party ever started with someone eating a salad.  Yes. Alcohol is key to a successful party, whether you drink it or not.  Giving your guests the option for a drink already makes them feel more at ease when they walk in the door.  In our age of modern technology and a wealth of information at our fingertips, making killer party drinks is as easy as 1,2,3.   I admit I constantly stalk Pinterest trying to find new recipes to test out for my next event.  Any good party should provide a little bit of everything; Wine, Liquor, Beer and maybe a fun drink to really kick it up.  If you are in a budget pinch, ask your guests to each bring their favorite drink of choice so you can all test it out.
  2. A Delicious Dip – I can’t stress how important a good dip is.  People like food that is easy to eat.  You can sneak a chip and dip easily throughout conversation.  Most of the time you don’t even need a plate, you can just munch right out of your hand.  I personally love making Guacamole for parties – but that’s because I am addicted to Avocados.  Buffalo Chicken, Artichoke and Crab are all party favorite dips as well.
  3. A Cheese Tray – For any “fancier” get together this is a must.  Cheese instantly glams up any event.  With grocers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, crafting a great cheese plate is simple and affordable – so there is really no excuse why you shouldn’t have one.  Plus they photograph so well!
  4. Music – Weather its wild techno jams or soothing jazz, a little background sound is always welcomed.  It helps guests feel more relaxed with starting conversation, takes away some of the whole “eyes on me” feeling we all tend to get.  I love using Songza, they have a station designed for pretty much any occasion.
  5. Dessert – Do I even need to explain this?!  Every great party needs a dessert of some sort.  Whether it be a cookie, cake, pie or even a donut platter – offer your guests a sweet note to end the night on.

Happy hosting, Xo.



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