Happy Baking – Queen Victoria Sponge Cake

I have recently become hooked on the most wonderful television show I found through Netflix.  The Great British Baking Show has quickly become my latest binge-watch addiction.  Everything about this show is lovely, watch just one episode and you will be hooked I swear.  A show totally dedicated to sweets, pastries and treats – what could be better?  This is not a competition challenge in the usual sense of backstabbing other contestants, tension and drama – the bakers on the show could quite possibly be some of the most pleasant people, plus add on the British accent for some added charm.  Each week of the 10 total follows the trials and tribulations of passionate amateur bakers whose goal is to be named the United Kingdoms best “baker.” Each week, the bakers tackle three different challenges, the difficulty of which increases as each week passes.

It is absolutely incredible to see what the bakers produce in such short amounts of time.  I got my roommate hooked on the show, who also happens to be a great self taught baker and I am lucky enough to be able to taste test the creations he has decided to try from the show.  This week John decided to make a class Queen Victoria Sponge Cake.  Some may say this is just a glorified version of a classic Sponge Cake, but there is so much more detail and love put into this cake.   To properly bake a Queen Victoria Sponge Cake you will need to put aside a solid chunk of time – so save this one for a lazy Sunday.

I have attached the links to two versions of the Queen Victoria Sponge Cake, one with Jam and one without.  We made ours with just a touch of Jam and I would not have it any other way – it adds just the right amount of flavor to the incredibly sweet treat.

Happy Baking, Xo.

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