My First Juice Cleanse

I’ve read countless articles and blogs about the benefits to Juice Cleansing and always found myself thinking, these people are crazy.  To totally give up food and drink just juice for days on end… why?  Well a strange turns of events happened and here I am, trying my first ever Juice Cleanse.

I haven’t pushed myself to do anything really difficult in a while and I was ready for a new challenge.  I have definitely fallen off the fitness horse in the past couple weeks.  Between a love for anything sweet, a Boyfriend who could eat a cheese steak for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a crazy, hectic work schedule – my diet has pretty much become non-existent.  With summer coming up, beach trips planned and more events on the calendar than I even know how to handle, it was time to do something about my health.

I searched for quite a while to find the right Juice Cleanse for me.  I chose the 3 Day JUS Cleanse, and lucky enough found a great Groupon deal which made it even more enticing.  I liked the JUS by Julie cleanse right off the bat.  You were allotted 6 juices throughout the day, each one a different flavor, consistency and reason behind drinking it.  JUS by Julie also didnt discourage eating food while on the cleanse, you could still have green veggies and eggs for a snack if you needed.  Most importantly to me, you could still drink coffee.  There is no shot I could make it even an hour into Day 1 without a coffee, it is a shame how addicted I am to my morning caffeine.

I planned to do my cleanse on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – with Monday and Friday being cleanse recovery days.  The cleanse arrived right on time Tuesday AM, and I was rather impressed with the size of the bottles and the amount of juice you truly got.  Each bottle is about a 1lb each, totaling 18 pounds.  Replacing food with 18lbs of juice didnt seem so bad, you certainly get your money’s worth thats for sure.  Ok, so enough back story – lets get into the nitty gritty of this all.

Day 1 :

9:45 am – First Juice.  Juice Number 1 is a nice start to the day – a greens blend  with pineapple, kale, spinach, lemon, all things to wake you and your body up.

11:30 am- Juice 2.  Yuck.  This one was tough.  A mix of lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.  Aimed to target and speed up your metabolism, it was a bit hard to stomach.  Absolutely my least favorite but likely the most effective of all the juices in my batch.

1:00 pm – Juice 3, starting to feel a bit hungry and missing fod.  Juice 3 was another green blend.  Weird consistency, but not a bad taste.  Fighting through.

3:00 pm – Juice 4, I tried to plan out each juice every few hours so I could keep energized and focused – I think this is your best plan of attack.  Definitely plot it out ahead of time.  This juice was a little thicker, a Chia Pomegranate mix – a nice, sweeter change from the morning juices.  Gave me the sugar rush I needed to get through the rest of the work day.

5:15 pm – Juice 5.  Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus for Juice No. 5.  The PB, Banana, Strawberry juice had a smoothie like consistency.  This guy TOTALLY filled me up.  Went to spin class and almost felt sick how full I was.  That being said, spin class went fine and I didn’t notice any dip in energy levels from lack of eating.

7:30 pm – Juice 6, the night green blend.  A similar variation to Juice 1 and 3.  It was fine.  Went to bed surprisingly not hungry like I anticipated being.

Day 2 :  Day 2 gives you the option to either repeat Day 1 Juices or switch it up slightly. I wanted to switch it up a bit, so I will repeat Day 1 on Day 3.  Day 2 brings me a whole new line of juices to test.

8:00 am – Woke up feeling great, not hungry at all.  A little sleepy. Drank Juice 1, greens blend, on the way to work then got a black coffee.  It was hard to drink coffee without my usual skim milk, but I figured I could forgo for a few days.

11:00 am – Drank a green tea, wanted something warm since all I have been drinking is cold smoothie juices.  Juice 2 was a Spicy Pomegranate blend, better than yesterdays Juice 2, but still not loving the spicy kick on an empty, food-less stomach.

12:05 pm – Ok, hungry now.  Drinking Juice 3.  Blah, a lot of greens now.

2:15 pm – Sigh.  Broke down and ate a handful of raw almonds.  Although this was an allowed food, still feeling guilty for giving in. Trying to hold off till 3 for my next juice.

3:30 pm – Juice 4.  Chia Pom again, this one is very liquidy and lots of chia seeds.  Good flavor though.

5:30 pm – Juice 5, the dinner juice.  Tonights its a Matcha Smoothie….yum.  Walking around the city to exercise and keep myself away from the kitchen.  Looking at all of these couples eating dinner in restaurants, drooling.

7:30 pm – Juice 6. Green cleanse. One more day to go, so ready for food but feeling less bloated and noticed a bit of a glow to my skin.

Day 3 :

7:45 am : Final day, WOW.  Woke up today feeling fine, last Juice No.1 on the way to work.  Definitely feeling better about the cleanse being nearly 3 days in at this point.  Thinking next time I could probably do the 5 day cleanse.

10:30 am – LAST DAY OF THIS GOD AWFUL JUICE NO. 2.  Bye Cayenne, Lemon and Maple. See you never.

12:00 pm – Was trying to wait until at least 1 pm to drink Juice 3 but was feeling a little faint.  Definitely more hungry today than any other.

2:30 pm : Juice 4.  Day 3 of Chia Pom.  Its getting a little too sweet now.  Would be a nice change if there was something else offered in its spot.

5:00 pm : This was the juice I have been waiting my whole life for.  It tasted like I was drinking cake batter.  Cocoa, Strawbs, Banana, Pom and Coconut Milk.  A match made in heaven.  Definitely will be recreating this on my own.  It was EVERYTHING.

6:30 pm : Going to Flywheel for spin.  Definitely hungry, definitely tired….nervous about how well I will do…..

8:15 pm : Just finished Flywheel, totally not my best night.  Felt a little weaker but still had a great class.  Drinking my LAST EVER JUICE!!!

Woke up this AM feeling pretty good.  I didn’t weigh myself before or after, I hate scales.  But I definitely noticed a significant decrease in all bloating, my skin felt tighter and my face glowed more.  I felt like my muscles even popped out a bit more than usual.  I don’t see myself becoming a regular juicer but I definitely think this would be a great bi-annual thing to help get your body on track.  The biggest thing I am leaving with post cleanse is my ability to have control over cravings and hunger.  I don’t need every candy I see, every donut.  I would really like to get on track to replacing one meal a day with a juice and eventually even creating my own juices. I am still a WIP but the cleanse 100% gave me the kick in the booty I needed and showed me how determined I really can be.  I would absolutely suggest this to anyone.


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