Mermaid Hair with Zotos Professional 

Lets talk about hair for a minute.  I have always wanted to spice up my look, but more times than none, I end up chickening out and sticking with my same old same blonde highlights.  But not this time.  Thanks to my favorite hairdresser, Mike, and the amazing team at Zoto’s Professional – this week I was totally pushed outside of my hair comfort zone and I could not be happier with my results.

Zoto’s and their incredibly talented  AgeBeautiful Artistic Director, Mike Petrizzi, have come up with the fantastic concept of a create your own hair color line called “Mix it Up.”  The line currently includes 5 colorful shades ranging from Reds, Purples and a killer Blue.  Mike is a firm believer of the idea that “no one can do your hair better than you.”  How fun is that?  In today’s DIY age we are more creative and crafty as ever, so why not let this apply to our hair?

The Mix it Up line currently consists of 5 suggested color creations : Cherry Cola, Champagne Kiss, Raspberry Punch, Indigo for It, and my favorite – Daring Denim.  Each shade is bold, fun and super easy to create.  Simply combine two existing AgeBeautiful shades into one new, exciting color.  The whole process takes about an hour and allows you the opportunity to be an artist with your own looks.  All AgeBeautiful formulas are available at your local Sally Beauty Supply store and for the month of April, they are BO-GO!  So hey, hurry in and get yours!

For my colors, Mike used hair extensions as I was a bit apprehensive to dye my own hair – I am a big baby with things sometimes!  But for the more adventurous out there, here is a great step by step on how to create your own look.

I am so obsessed with my new mermaid-y blue locks and how easy it was to totally alter my look in just a few simple steps.  Already planning what colors to do next, I am thinking pink.  Xo!


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