A Night Around the World : Italy 

In an attempt to become a better cook and a tad more cultured – I have decided to do a weekly “Night Around the World” dinner for my amazing roommate and myself.  Basically my hopes is that each “Night” will have a theme, that theme being a specific country and the food/drinks they specialize in.  Last night to kick it off I chose Italy – because lets be real…there is nothing better than a good wine and cheese night.

When I think of Italy, I think great Wines, Pizza Pies as big as the table and of course CHEESE.  So that’s exactly what was brought to our table for our Italian night.  A great cheese platter should always have at least 3 varying types of cheese.  I chose Swiss, Mozzarella and Colby Jack.  I paired the cheeses with a great loaf of Italian Bread and a Fig/Plum Jam.  The grocery store me had an amazing premade assortment of Heirloom Tomatoes that I just had to buy.  I love Heirloom Tomatoes, they are healthy, delicious and aesthetically pleasing.  Great way to bring color to any table or dish.  Since the weather is warmer here on the East Coast we decided it was too hot for pasta so we opted for a Pizza.  Arugula and Tomato to be exact. Of course, no great dinner party is complete without drinks.  Italians love their wine so we went with a Chianti and a Pinot Grigio.

We ate on our adorable back patio adorned with lanterns and plants and picked a nice Italian playlist on Pandora to truly set the mood.  First Theme night was a TOTAL success!  Such a fun, easy way to try new things and spice up your weekly routine.

What should next weeks theme be?  HELP a girl out! Xo


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