Brunch, Sweet Brunch

Its Friday, Friday – we gotta get down on Friday! Honestly, Friday’s are quite possibly the best.  The excitement of knowing you have 48 hours to do whatever you want.  Eat, Sleep, Shop, Drink – whatever, its your time now.  When the weekend rolls around, one of my favorite things to do is go to a really great brunch.  Really, what is better than endless Mimosas and Waffles – not much in my opinion.  Brunches have totally become a thing in today’s culture.  Cities like Washington, D.C and Philadelphia having a growing brunch scene to the point where a weekend does not seem complete unless you have tried a new brunching spot.

Today I want to share one of my FAVORITE go – to spots in Philly for brunch.  Located just north of Center City is a magical French-Lebanese fusion spot called Cafe La Maude.  Quite possibly the best kept secret in the city, Cafe La Maude is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning.  Offering any coffee drink you could desire and serving sizes bigger than the table itself – I could spend every weekend at Cafe La Maude.  My favorites off the menu ? The Croque Madame and whatever the specialty waffle of the day is.  Happy Brunching and HAPPY FRIDAY, xo!


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