Spicy Michelada with Cocktail Crate 

What a better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo then with a fun new cocktail?  I would liek to say a big thanks to the great team at Cocktail Crate for sending over their newest creation, the Spicy Michelada.

Prior to receiving the drink mix I had never even heard of a Michelada much less tasted one.  Best way to describe a Spicy Michelada is it is a twist on a class Bloody Mary.  Made from  Tomato Juce, Lime, Hot Sauce, Worcestershire, and Seasoning – the only true difference between a Michelada and a BM is the liquor added.  In a Bloody Mary we traditionally add Vodka, but in a Michelada you add beer! Most recipes recommend Mexican based beers, but I added Miller Lite to mine ( because who can resist the Champagne of Beers )

The Michelada is a great addition to any brunch, especially paired with Avocado Eggs or my favorite, Huevos Rancheros.  I used this recipe when creating my own – I found it to be the easiest/simplest to follow along.  Grab your own Michelada mix from Cocktail Crate here!

Cheers, Xo!

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