Because who doesn’t love sushi 

OK I have to confess – I am totally addicted to sushi.  I could eat it all day, everyday.  I have also seemingly convinced myself that sushi is semi healthy….right?  While its not the worst thing in the world to be eating, if you are like me and do eat it frequently, its important to be smart about our sushi roll choices.  There are definitely ways to make good choices while still indulging.  Here are some of my favorite healthier options to include in your next delivery order.

Tuna Roll – who doesnt love a classic tuna roll.  Its crazy the calories and sodium you can cut by opting for a basic Tuna Roll vs a Spicy Tuna.  Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail – all these fish based rolls are rich in Omega-3s, which are the unsaturated fats that protect the heart and boost brain power.  So you are getting smarter with each bite you take.

Vegetable Rolls – I love a plain Avocado Roll.  Another great one to try is a Sweet Potato Roll – its AMAZING and under 140 calories for 6 pieces.

I know its easy to get carried away, ordering endless rolls.  They are bite sized and just fun to test, trust me I get it.  Making a conscious order to just stick to 2 Rolls, including one of the healthier options above and pairing it with a House Salad and/or Miso Soup will save you big time calorie wise.

Other easy ways to swap out fat/calories, switch to Brown Rice Rolls and opt for the Low Sodium Soy Sauce.  A quick way to boost metabolism?  Add Wasabi to you rolls – the spice will get your metabolism pumping in no time.  

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