Hot Air Balloons 

Last weekend I attended my first ever Hot Air Balloon festival and it was nothing less than magical. Hot Air Balloons have always been fascinating to me. Growing up in rural Maryland, we would see them fly over our house from time to time and I can remember being in absolute awe. The colors, the way they float so gracefully, the presence they have way up in the sky. So to be able to see one up close was a chance I didn’t want to miss. 

We bought our tickets on Saturday and made our way to The 10th annual Chester County Hot Balloon Festival. Traditionally how balloon festivals work is there is a launch time and a descend time. The launch was at 630 and on the dot, one by balloon each balloon made its way up into the sky. 20+ balloons later, the skyline was decorated with colorful little dots. Honestly one of the most beautiful things I have seen to date.  I would highly urge you to check your local states balloon events. This is the perfect date night, place to take the kids or just a plain fun way to spend a day. 

Next year maybe I’ll be bold enough to go up in one ! 

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