Extending my Summer Tan 

You work hard all summer long trying to perfect your tan, and before you know it – it’s gone.  This past week I spent my time beach side trying to get my bronze on and can finally say I have my ideal summer tan going on right now.  But, with each day that passes, that fear of it fading is becoming more and more real!

So what can we do, how do we keep our summer tan going strong?  I am not a believer in the fake and bakes, I love my skin and tanning beds are just not kind to it!  That leaves me with one other choice – Self Tanners.  I have tried the lot when it comes to fake tanners and the vast majority have either left me streaky, splotchy or just plain orange.  I was recently introduced to a line of Self -Tanners called Vita Liberata and it has totally changed my view on using these products.

Vita Liberata offers a large line of at home tanning solutions from powders, mousses and lotions – to serums and anti-aging creams.  This luxury line not only helps bring out our best glow, it also incorporates  certified organic extracts into each of their tanning formulas helping skin remain healthy, soft and nourished.  Whats better than great skin care that also gives you a bronze?

Some of my favorites from the line are the Self-Tanning Night Moisture Mask.  I put the mask on before I go to sleep and wake up with a lovely glow to my face.  The mask leaves absolutely no marks on my all white bedding ! I love to use this when I have gone out the night before or am in need of a little more color in my face.  Combined with the Mask, I also love using the Bronzing Mineral Powder.  The powder is used similar to any other powder bronzer but is different in that it is a world-first self-tanning bronzer that offers bronzing mineral coverage and a subtle lasting tan.  It is easily spread and gives skin that lovely glow we all so desire.  Another amaze product from Vita Liberata is their Self-Tanning Anti-Aging Serum.  Who would have thought – a serum that fights aging and sun damage can also bring you a tan?  It’s such a unique and effective product with its results, I am totally hooked!

Check out all Vita Liberata has to offer here and keep that summer tan going strong throughout all of the 4 seasons, Xo!

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