Matching sets with Julie Brown NYC 

As the last few hot weeks of summer start to dwindle down I am happily planning my fall wardrobe.  One of my favorite trends that emerged this year is the rise of matching sets, and heading into fall I think this trend will only continue gaining speed.

Brought on strong this spring by celebs like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid – matching sets are a mix of 70s revival with feminine chic.  From plain colors to matching prints, tops, bottoms, dresses and coats – a good matching set should be in your closet this upcoming fall season.

I was recently introduced to Julie Brown NYC and it was an instant love connection.  I swooned over the gorgeous patterns, colors and designs featured in each and every piece of the collection.  With options that can easily be transitioned from day to night, Julie Brown offers looks that not only showcase a women’s sophistication but help to enhance our inner “chic-ness”.

I am currently wearing this Ah-Ma-Zing dress/jacket combo from the fabulous Julie Brown NYC.  The Millie Jacket and Allora Dress have become some of my most coveted pieces in my closet.  With the duo’s beautiful metallic, soft pastel colors and flattering silhouettes – this matching combo is perfect for a day at the office or an important business meeting and can easily be transitioned into a sophisticated night out look.

I feel so feminine and a little Jackie O – and that is THE BEST feeling to have when you are dressing to impress.

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