How To Have The Perfect Picnic

I love Picnics.  They combine a few of my favorite things : eating, drinking and being outdoors.  No summer is complete without having at least one picnic.  Now every person has their own set of picnic planning secrets, but I wanted to share my top 5 things every great picnic should include.

  1. A beautiful indoor/outdoor blanket.  Seriously this is the most important part of the picnic, otherwise your tush will be on the grass!  Investing in a nice blanket that can be used both indoors and outdoors is a serious must, you will be shocked with just how often you use it.  Think sporting events, concerts, beach trips.  I got mine from HomeGoods for less than $30.  When it comes to picnic blankets, the more colorful the better in my opinion!  I think it sets the mood for your entire event
  2. A cooler.  Yes you need this, especially if you want to bring anything chilled and keep it chilled.  Its easy to find a little portable one for close to no costs.  I got a small lunch tote sized one from Burlington Stores that is amazing, I am literally obsessed with it and use it all the time.  You just put it in the freezer over night and its good to go.  Perfect for dips, cheese and most importantly, Champagne!
  3. A GREAT wine.  I personally love Rosé for picnics.  Light and sweet and refreshing. I recently have fallen in love with Pampelonne Rosé.  It comes in the cutest little can, it tastes AMAZING and you can buy them in 4 packs which are perfect to carry around.
  4. CHEESE.  No picnic is complete without a cheese tray.  I love having several different options to munch on but lets be honest, cheese can be expensive.  I recently was told by a friend that you can buy the bits and ends of cheese at Whole Foods for nearly a 1/3 of the price.  The smaller sizes work to your advantage because they are easily packed, perfect to sample and gives you the option to have more to offer!
  5. A classic dessert.  Every picnic needs something sweet to end on.  What better then a dessert everyone can get behind.  I personally love a good brownie or a basic chocolate chip cookie.

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