Bye Summer. Hi Fall 

Did you all know the second largest healthy-lifestyle wave, following New Years Day, is the day after Labor Day.  At this point we have over indulged more than enough on Food Truck Food, Summer-Shandy’s, Rose Wine and TONS of Pizza – its time to clean up our act and our diets.

I partnered with one of my favorite health geared brands – SkinnyMint and have decided to do one of their 28 day TeaTox-es.  I could not be more excited to get started.  The 28 day easy to follow program is designed to be effective and is formulated for results – I mean the customer testimonials and Before/After pics should be enough to persuade you that instant to buy this tea. It consists of 2 steps, the Morning Boost tea and the Night Cleanse tea – both gentle enough for everyday use.  I have had other detox teas that are not pleasant to taste, but I love the light, herbal, minty flavors of SkinnyMint’s blend – I also like to squeeze half a lemon in mine for an added flavor boost.

I will keep you guys updated with my journey as I go along – If you want to journey with me head over to SkinnyMint now to see some of their affordable TeaTox options!

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