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Its that time of year again – dry skin season.  It always amazes me living in the Northeast just how quickly it can go from being 90 and humid, to 50 and frigid.  With the major swings in weather, my skin gets seriously affected by the seasonal shifts.  I have raved before about how in love I am with the incredible products Weleda has to offer – well I am here now to share 2 of my new faves with y’all!

One of the first places I start to notice the “winter dryness” is on my hands – especially in the mornings when I first head outside.  I have been carrying my Weleda Evening Primrose Hand Cream around with me for the past few weeks since receiving it and I am addicted.  I feel like I can’t start my day without using it.  Targeted to firm and moisturize aged, dry skin this cream is the perfect barrier for your skin during the chillier months.

Another Weleda skin saver is their Cold Cream.  LOVING this product – why, you ask?  Well for starters its a rich, luxurious face balm that protects skin from dehydrating environmental influences and the elements.  The Beeswax formula helps to create a breathable barrier that locks moisture in and dryness out – AMAZING.  I love putting the Cold Cream on before bed – in the morning my face looks refreshed and moisturized.  This cream seriously helps leave your skin smooth, strong and beautiful in the face of snow, wind, heat, rain or whatever other element is thrown your way!!!!!

Do your dry skin a favor and check out all the amazing products Weleda has to offer, here.

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