Blonde On Earth does PaintNite

On Tuesday I was invited by the awesome team at Paint Nite to attend one of their local classes.  I was super excited to receive the invitation – I mean what could be more fun than a night out at one of my favorite bars, a good glass of wine and having the chance to be a little creative?

Paint Nite has hit the social scene hard recently – becoming a popular choice for birthday parties, bachelorette events, date night or just a fun night out! Paint Nite is the perfect cocktail of creativity and conversation. Drink a glass of wine, socialize with friends and create a painting— sounds like a great night out to me.

My paint night was hosted at one of my local favorites in Philadelphia, the Field House.  A corner of the bar was sectioned off and designated for the class.  They had waitresses taking drink orders and food requests for the group – which made it not only convenient but much more enjoyable! The class itself runs about 2 hours long, with an instructor giving you step by step tips the entire time.  I enjoyed taking her tips and mixing it a bit with my own thoughts.  The class embraces inner creativity which makes it that much more fun to create something of your own!

I would highly recommend Paint Nite for any special occasion you have coming up, or just for something new to do for a fun evening out.  Check out your local Paint Nite events here! Happy painting! 

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