Healthy Hair Is One Product Line Away

Guys – I am here to share my latest hair-care secret and I am SOOO excited about this one.  I admit, I was that girl who was dropping $100+ dollars every month on Moroccan Oil products. Each time I did, I regretted it but I loved how healthy my hair looked and felt. Well, recently my hair prayers were answered – my solution to my over priced addiction was found!

Naturelle, one of my favorite hair care brands, launched this September their own line of Moroccan Argan Oil products – and they are TO DIE FOR!  The Luxe Majestic Oil line ( which you can find at a Sally Beauty near you ! ) offers everything you could want in a Moroccan/Argan oil based product and at a fraction of the price you were paying with those “other” brands!!! The line is 100% natural Moroccan Oil & Keratin Protein which helps for stronger, smoother, shinier hair! I mean who doesn’t want that?  Plus it smells just incredible – I receive compliments all the time. Some of my personal favorites from the line are the Oil Repair Mask and the Treatment Oil  – both have done wonders with my hair, helping to bring it back to life!

What you need to know about the line :

Nothing is over $12.99 ! If you are a Moroccan Oil lover there is no reason for you to not try one of the Naturelle Majestic Oil products at a price point like this.

The line is sulfate, paraben and alcohol-free – so your hair wont be weighted down by yucky ingrediants.

Naturelle has created the perfect little Moroccan Oil family with a ShampooConditionerHydrating MasqueStyling Cream and Treatment Oil – so please, try one or try them all!

My Tips :

Use the Hydrating Masque 1 -2 times a week.  I like to leave mine in for an hour or so if I have time to really help erase some of the damage I have caused my hair.

Use a quarter sized amount when it comes to the Shampoo and a dime sized amount with the conditioner.  This is a thicker solution so a little goes a long way

The Majestic Treatment Oil is PERFECT for split ends or taming fly-aways!


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