Fab Fit Fun Fall Box 

So I am sure you have seen the countless celebrity posts ranging from the Real Housewives to ex Bachelorette contestants all raving about their Fab Fit Fun subscription box.  I was lucky enough to be included in the fun with this seasons Fall themed box!!  I could not believe the amount of goodies included in the adorable little box.

A little background about Fab Fit Fun – each season they send you a box of $100+ worth beauty, fitness, lifestyle and fashion items for only $49.99 – plus use the code BLONDE to get $10 off your first box today, even more reason to get your own.

I loved receiving this months box because it introduces you to brands/products you might not normally buy or be aware of.  Some of my favorites from the Fall Box include the ModCloth Blanket Scarf which is AMAZING on.  I find myself wearing it all the time.  Normally valued at $39.99 on their site, this scarf was seriously the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe.

I like to think I am the queen of beauty products, but had surprisingly never heard of Spongelle before my FFF box introduced us.  The rose scented soap sponge SMELLS SO GOOD.  The scent literally lasts all day – love using it before bed too.  Another fave was the Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection eye pallette.  I am not a huge eyeshadow person, but these shades were so pretty and natural enough for daily use.  I love mixing the colors together to make new shades as well.

The Fab Fit Fun box honestly is one of the best things I have received in my mailbox to date – if you have been thinking about testing one out, now is the time! Use code BLONDE to get $10 off your first box today!!!!! ITS WORTH IT!


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