Brand Spotlight : DryBar

I have been a fan of DryBar products since day one. Before I even really knew what DryBar was. I remember walking around the hair section at a Sephora in NYC, testing different products, eventually coming across DryBar Triple Sec. it was different than anything surrounding on the shelves so I felt inclined to test it out. Instantly my hair felt refreshed, had more volume and smelled incredible. I am also a sucker for great packaging and DryBar’s sold me at first glance.

I recently was lucky enough to be able to partner with this brand I so greatly admire to test some of their new and favorite products.  Since using these products, I am so totally hooked on them.. I am not quite sure what my hair would do with out them?

The first product one I truly cannot live without at this point.  A good hairspray is an essential part of any great hair day – Drybar’s Money Maker could be the greatest hairspray I have ever used.  Its flexible hold gives you enough strength to last all day, but does not make your hair stiff and straw like.  My hair still moves, I can re-style over it, I can put a BRUSH THROUGH IT! It is amazing.  Definitely your best bet for an everyday hairspray, plus it makes my hair smell amazing!

The second product I was lucky enough to try was their Bay-Breeze Thirsty Hair Quencher.  This spray has seriously saved my winter damaged hair.  Super easy to use, spray on one bottle after shampoo-ing to damp hair and comb through.  Its recommended to leave on for 5 minutes but I push the limits to 30 – my hair needs all the help it can get!!!!  It smells amazing and the second I wash it out, my hair feels silkier and stronger. Perfect for once a week use, its one of my favorite Sunday night rituals.

What are some of  your favorite hair products?  In the market for some new ones?  Check out the entire DryBar line here

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