A Weekend in the Sun 

One of my favorite places for a long weekend getaway is the beautiful, sunny state of Florida.  Easy to get there ( less than 3 hours on a plane ).  Affordable.  Tons to do. Warm weather.  Palm Trees and Beaches.  Who could complain about any of those things?  Not me, that is for sure.

I try to fly down to Florida at least twice a year, once in the fall when the weather starts to turn colder and once in the spring when I am itching for some sun!  I like to plan my weekend trips a decent amount of time in advance…. 1. because it keeps me sane and looking forward to something.  2.  The amount of money you can save on a flight is ridiculous.

When it comes to booking your trip I have two go-to sites.  For all of my flights/trips I use Expedia to search for the best fares.  I love using Expedia because it shows you price / date ranges, allows you to filter right down to the airline and time you are looking for.  You can also sign up for price alerts which is my FAVORITE aspect of the site.  Whenever I start getting that inkling to go somewhere, I add a price alert for the time/place I am thinking.  Basically what this means is, Expedia will send me updates if they expect their prices to go up or down on that future trip I am looking to book – so I can make the best choice of when/where to go!

The second site I use religiously is Booking for all of my hotel stays.  To me, its the easiest form of searching hotels, reading real customer reviews, seeing images of what I can/should expect and seeing my price ranges.  For longer trips, I am a huge fan of AirBnB.

What are some of your favorite weekend trips?  What travel tips do you have for making the most of your vacation?

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