2016 was a pretty great year, it is almost hard to imagine how 2017 could top it.  In 2016 I traveled to some pretty incredible places : Iceland, Florida, Chicago, Gulf of Mexico, New York City, Atlanta, Hershey, D.C, the Jersey Shore and Ocean City.  I made a massive career shift and could not be happier.  I moved in with one of my best friends and became a step-mom to the cutest kitty ever.  My family and I are the closest we have ever been.  I have amazing friends and one great boyfriend – so like I said, how can 2017 top this past year.

Well I realized it is all about how I make the year go.  I am in control of my 2017 happiness and I have created my 1 year bucket list for 2017.

  1. BE MORE ORGANIZED.  Like Container Store organized
  2. Practice Yoga and Meditation. Every. Single. Day
  3. Eat Clean.  Well, at least most of the time.
  4. Try out Vegetarianism.  For a month.
  5. Eat more Fruits and Veggies
  6. Take more Vitamins
  7. Stress Less
  8. Have an Open Mind
  9. Swim in Lake Michigan
  10. Sit in the Bleachers at a Cubs Game
  11. Run a Half Marathon
  12. Take a Cooking Class
  13. Go on a Wine Crawl
  14. Run on the Beach
  15. Visit 10 Different States
  16. Travel Overseas at least Once
  18. Grow more Herbs in our garden
  19. Make better Clothing choices.  More Classic Pieces
  20. Read a Book a Month.
  21. Watch more Classic Movies
  22. GET ABS

The list will grow as the year moves along.  But I would say that is a pretty solid start.  What are some of your goals?

Cheers to 2017 and making it our best year yet!

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