Turning 26

On January 10th I turned 26.  This was a particularly hard pill to swallow, birthday wise.  I know, 26 is nothing – I am still young, I have the world ahead of me…trust me I have heard it all when it comes to my complaints about turning 26.  But to me, this year seemed extra important in my book of life.

Age is just a number, a number is just my age but each year older I turn, the more life changes.  For the better, and for the worse at times.  More bills, responsibility, commitments but on the flip side more freedom, confidence, knowledge.  Turning 26 to me means understanding I am no longer a little girl, I need to hold myself accountable for my actions.  It also means exploring myself and the world around me more.  Pushing myself to do more, be better. To me, 26 is realizing I am not getting younger but I am getting wiser and the time to live life is now.  We all need a good dose of reality every now and again….that is what 26 brought me and I cannot wait to make it my best year yet.


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