My hotel must brings 

I love traveling.  I love seeing new places, exploring new areas.  Eating at new restaurants.  Staying in a hotel room – I really love that feeling of excitement I get each time I open the door to a new hotel suite.  Seeing my newest home away from home.

While hotel rooms can be great in every sense of the word, and hotel staffs will more times than not, bend over backwards to ensure you are comfortable – there are just a few things that I cannot leave my home for a hotel without.

  1. Water – this might seem like a simple thing but seriously – it is a must.  Some hotels provide you with complimentary water, but some do not.  I like to bring a few of the larger sized bottles with me whenever I travel or try to pick some up at a local convenience store to keep in the room.  Beats drinking tap water…any day.
  2. A Candle – I LOVE bringing candles along with me on trips.  Nothing makes a room feel cozier than a delicious smelling candle, plus it adds some ambiance!  I like to bring candles that only have a few burns left, easy to bring, use then leave behind! Just be sure to blow the flame out before you leave the room!!!!!
  3. My Own Pillow – I cannot tell you how many times I have gone somewhere and slept on lumpy or flat hotel bed pillows.  Well, it only took a few of those times for me to learn my lesson.  NEVER leave home without my own pillow.  It makes for a better night sleep and a more comfortable rest for me.
  4. Snacks – I am a huge snacker.  So for me, I rarely go anywhere without something to nibble on.  My go-to trip snacks?  Pretzels, Banana’s, Dry Cereal ( Frosted Mini-Wheats are my jam ) and Apples.   They all make for perfect grab and go treats or little snacks to keep my “hangry” levels down to a minimum.
  5. Alcohol – I am obsessed with bringing a bottle of wine, a couple of beers or some champagne along with me while I travel.  What is better than getting ready in your large hotel bathroom while sipping on some bubbly.  Huge help in cutting back excess $$ spent while out – skip the post dinner drinks and crack open that Blue Moon you have waiting back for you in the mini-fridge.  Plus this will help you avoid those ridiculous charges for the mini-bar options.

What are some of your favorite hotel must-brings and travel tips ?

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