My favorite workout class finally makes its way to Philly 

It is no secret the insane following fitness class Soul-Cycle has.. from celebrities to faux-celebrities to bloggers like me, SoulCycle is incredible.  Everyone has their reason why they love Soul whether its the amazing music, the killer cardio workout or the motivational instructors or a combo of all the above.  Originally exclusive to the NYC and LA regions, Soul is finally spreading its cycling wings across America.

I was ecstatic when a studio opened up in a busy suburb outside of Philadelphia earlier last year but when news of a Philadelphia studio started floating around I was on Cloud 9.  The Rittenhouse Square studio has only been open for a few weeks but its already the hottest place in town.  From the beautiful studio to the amazing sweat inducing classes – you need to check this studio out!  I would highly suggest taking a Soul101 class which teaches you all of the basics you need to know and expect during your first ride.

Hope to see you all on a bike!

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