Rosé Season

For me, the start of Rosé season is Easter.  The pastel light colors, flowers and tasty treats seem like the perfect way to welcome the warm weather and the blush wine that will be filling my cup for the next few months.  This year I have a list of Rosé wines that I want to enjoy.

  1. White Girl Rose – perfect for a girls day or an ice breaker – how cute is the label?! With notes of strawberry, watermelon and floral flavors this is a perfect warm weather sip.
  2. Babe Rose – for the girly girl tailgate.  I can’t wait to bring this 4 pack to concerts or sporting events this year!
  3. SkinnyGirl Rose – the low cal option we can all feel good about drinking – thanks Bethenny Frankel!
  4. XO G Rose – how cute are these stackable cup sized bottles of wine.  Perfect for picnics or the girl on the go!
  5. Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose – the celebration bottle of rose.  We all need a reason to pop some bubbly more often, right?  This year my choice will be this Brut Rose.

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