Shoe Trend Obsession

So easily one of my favorite footwear trends that has emerged this year has been the revival of the Mule.  I have to admit I own 4 pairs currently – that is how obsessed I have quickly become with these adorable, yet comfortable heels.

I rounded up some of my favorite Mules this year to share with you guys.  Just writing this post makes me want to add another pair or two to my collection!

  1.  Denim Baby Blues – not only a fun color, but a fun fabric – these Denim Mules are the perfect completion of your Denim Tuxedo outfit.
  2. The Fun Flat – LOVE this metallic pink mule from Free People.
  3. The Perfect Pattern – OK I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOE.   The perfect way to spice up any outfit – casual or fancy!
  4. Close Toed Mule – love this option as you can wear it almost all year round – plus both colors are adorable with any outfit

What are some of your must-have shoes for the year?

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