Every Party Should Have A Platter

We have finally made it!  Summer is almost upon us and warmer, party filled days are ahead of us.  I love this time of year because it means BBQ’s, backyard parties and events galore.  I not only love attending parties but I also love hosting them.  Hosting a party can seem overwhelming to some but really, it can be quite simple.  My mother taught me that every party should consist of good music, good drinks and good food.

One of my must haves at any party or get together is a Meat and Cheese tray.  It is so simple to make and is typically a hit at any event.  Easy to eat – who doesn’t love popping in little cheese bites with pepperoni or salami?!  I recently partnered up with Dietz and Watson to help plan my Memorial Day get together this past weekend.  If you live in the Northeast part of the country, you may have experienced some of the cold, wet, rainy weather we got this weekend.  This was definitely a big change from the typical sunshine, burgers and beer weather we usually have on MDW but it actually worked out perfectly to host a little wine and cheese party.  With the help of Dietz and Watson’s artisinal cheeses and meats ( which you can get at any local supermarket ) the get together was a success and everyone left with a full belly.

Be sure to check out Dietz and Watson for your next party and let me know some of your favorite get together tips!

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